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5 SEO Tasks You Should Do Every Day5 min read


5 SEO Tasks You Should Do Every Day 

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Every day you have to perform five simple tasks to keep your site at the top. Here they are:


  1. You must start by managing the connections. This means ensuring that none of your current connections are dead, and you should also check if there are any sites that bind you and you do not know. If your site contains a large number of links, make sure they do not get out of hand and remove everything that’s no longer relevant. Also make sure your links are labeled to reflect the page they refer to.


  1. Reorganize your links by placing the best ones first. And enter them into categories if you have many links. If you have a link page with more than 25 links, it is advisable to turn it into any directory. It can also help you get more links to your site in return for links to the directory you’ve created. Also check the sites you’re linking to and make sure all the links are still connected, because you do not have many reasons to keep a link if you do not get the back link you deserve (if the link was actually negotiated when you entered the link on your site).

  1. Process link request emails. When you receive a link exchange request, respond quickly. Any mail you receive will not be good and you should make sure to check any site you want to link to. If you refuse a link request, tell the webmaster why. Maybe you have an incentive they do not have. They may be able to solve some problems and become great link partners in the future. It is normal to inform the webmaster of your intention to exchange links within two or three days of receiving the request. Webmasters will be even more impressed if you send them a personalized message about your approval or disapproval of the link exchange.


  1. Check the link exchange forums. This is a similar aspect to the above except in this case, it is harder to keep track of all the people who can potentially request links from your site. There is a lot of spam on this stuff, as well as on many really terrible and useless websites. If you meet such a member of the site or forum, inform him of your problem and report it to a moderator / administrator if he does not correct his behavior appropriately. It is important that this type of forum is kept clean or that a search engine considers that it is more than a link farm or an exchange service.


  1. Finally, you should check every feature of your website to make sure it still works properly. The dynamic content that you will probably include at some point must be delivered correctly. Messages generated on the fly should not be generated at inappropriate times. The difference between a dynamic quality site and a poor dynamic site is that in a dynamic quality site, all content is delivered at the right time and everything seems static and planned.

Take your time with your website and make sure you do everything possible to do it every day. Keep adding anything you find again, as regular updating will cause search engines to return to Spider more often. Updates are critical, and if you’re able to follow quality assurance and accuracy models, you can probably find other ways to ensure your visitors’ satisfaction and increased traffic, number of links, and more. lists of search engines.

Never agree to connect to someone’s site without asking for a link in return, unless you offer a payment – even then, you should think twice. All inbound and outbound links must be linked to the content of your site so you can see them in search engines.


Basic connections checks.



Some sites use robots.txt to prevent search engines from indexing their link pages, mistakenly thinking that outbound links will be taken into account. To verify, simply reenter the URL with robots.txt at the end (for example, If you see a page that says “Do not allow” and that contains the URL of their link page, do not let the spiders index this page. Do not exchange links with this site.

You should also check if the website is “hidden” and report it to search engines, if any. You do not want to be involved with these people: it is better to forbid them and forbid them.


Does the site that offers you a link have a PageRank? Even if they do, you should see how it goes between the home page and the link page. Please note that the new pages take a long time to get sorted. PR0 does not necessarily mean that a site will never have PageRank.


See how many links are already on the page. There should be no more than 20 links. If the site breaks this rule, do not limit yourself to it. A lot of webmasters collect links, thinking that they are improving their rankings, but it makes them appear as link farms. Many of them do not even provide links to major areas of spam, such as casinos and adult content. It makes no sense to have a link from a website that connects to anyone.

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There are five simple tasks that you need to do daily to keep your site on top. Here they are:

  1. You need to start off by managing your links. This involves making sure that none of your current links are dead, and you should also check if there are any sites linking to you that you don’t know about. If your site consists of a large number of links you should make sure that they aren’t getting out of control and get rid of anything that is no longer relevant. Also make s…


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