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Importance of CCC ONLINE TEST ?
Fundamentals of CCC ONLINE TEST?
100+ Question and Answers of CCC Online Test
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The technology is rapidly increasing with the time . Here in today’s world Almost everyone uses computers or any other tech gadgets.So,in todays time everyone should know about the computers. Because in todays world everything is related to topic computer. Knowing about the computer will also help you pass in the ccc online test . This will be very informative and helpful to you .

Official CCC ONLINE Registration site : CCC ONLINE TEST
CCC Stands for Course on Computer Concepts : This Course help to understand the importance of computer & technology in modern days. The other name of ccc course is NIELIT.
NIELIT Stands for National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology
The person who writes and passes CCC online test gets an certificate. That certificate will help you to get a job.


Learning CCC or Writing CCC ONLINE TEST can help you to understand the basic concept of computer and IT industry. This helps you in your IT future to get better results. After writing Online CCC test you get an certificate which can get you job . Not an highly paid job but ya it is useful and can get you basic level job .





The total Duration of ccc course in 180 Hours .
In 180 Hrs The course is divded in different things
Theory consist of 25 hrs,Tutorials 5 hours,Practicals 50 hours .

Important Thing to keep in mind Before Attending Exam :

There are Rules everywhere.Before sitting or attenting in any exam hall .So here are the basic things you need to keep in your mind before attending ccc online test.

⦁ You Can Select your Language whether you need to give exam in hindi or english

⦁ You Need to score 50 marks to pass in the exam

⦁ You Will have 90 Minutes to complete your exam

⦁ There are 100 Questions included in the CCC exam

⦁ You should be prepared . As this course is based on computer the exam will be fully based on computer.

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Date And Time of CCC EXAM

The date and time of ccc exam is fully explained in a image which you can see below. By Seeing this image you can easily know when the exam will be held and where. If there are any changes are made in the time and schedule we will be updating you through the email. Make sure you subscribe our newsletter .


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Fundamentals of CCC ONLINE TEST:

Here There are some questions which are asked in fundamentals of ccc online test.So here they are some questions mentioned below 🙂

10 Questions and answers of fundamentals of ccc online test.

Questions : Answers

1.What is the Brain of any computer system? Answer: CPU

2.What difference does the 5th generation computer have from other generation computers? Answer : Technological Advancement

3.Computer language which is used for artificial intelligence? Answer : PROLOG

4.Which are the tracks on a disk which can be accessd without repositioning the R/W heads ? Answer : Cylinder

5.Which of the following is the 1’s Complement of 10? Answer : 01

6. A Section of code to which control is transferred when a processor is interrupted is known as? Answer : M

7.Which Part Interperts program instructions and intiate control operations? Answer : control Unit

8. Binary system Uses powers of Answer : 2

9. In Order to tell excel that we are entering a formula in cell , we must begin with an operator such as Answer : =

10. In How many generations a computer can be classified? Answer : 5


100 Most Important Questions for CCC ONLINE TEST 2018.