Didn’t Visit My Youtube Channel till yet? In this post, I’m going to share my own experience of working on youtube for more than 1 year. How did I get success on youtube & why I discontinued, How you can get success on youtube, Some Pro tips, How you can get success within 6 Months, things to remember and so on.


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Tech brand channel

Channel – Home

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Well, I created my channel on the 25th of October 2016. Just Signed up for a Youtube account Casually and Uploaded a Random Video, Which was created by myself Obviously. There’re no views at all. I was using Moto G4 Plus as my Primary Phone at that time. Suddenly it got Android N Update and I thought of sharing this tutorial – “How to Update Moto g4 plus to Android N” on Youtube. The update was not launched by Motorola officially but it could be done via a custom method. I think I was the first one to share that tutorial at that time.

I shared it with the world in language Hindi and it started getting Views from the day one. Views were increasing on that video day by day and I was getting hell lot of motivation through that video only. Now I was ready to do some another magic.

At the time of writing this post [24th September 2018], The channel has 1,85,690 Subscribers and 12,358,607 Views. 

Hindi videos were getting the good amount of views that’s why I thought of continuing to make videos in Hindi and after some days I came up with a new video – “How to Earn Money From Amazon” This video and the previous video gave me the good amount of subscribers. From these days I decided to be regular on Youtube and I keep on uploading videos about the knowledge I was having under a specific Niche. After making 5 more Videos on different topics I Uploaded an Aadhar Card Related Video on my channel and overnight it got 2-3 Thousand views.

At present Aadhar card videos on my channel have more than 1 million views on each.

Then I came up with many ideas about aadhar card and continued to upload 10-15 videos under a playlist named Aadhar Card tutorialsThis word “Aadhar Card” Changed my Youtube Career. I was having almost 25 Thousand subscribers after uploading these 20-25 videos at that time.

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I continued to create videos and completed 70,000 Subscribers then I realized that the earning were too low on youtube and the hard work a single video takes is much more than that. It was not worth it. That’s why I stopped to create videos and discontinued to be regular Youtube. I was creating only sponsored videos at a moment because everyone is working here for money obviously.


Pro Tips to Get Success on Youtube

  1. This first and the biggest Tip is – You need to work hard on the Thumbnail. Let’s take it in mind with the help of an example If you’re surfing on Youtube App. Scrolling down on the Home page of Youtube the first thing on which your eyes will go is Thumbnail. The more it will look attractive the more chances it will get a click. I used This tool to create Thumbnails for my Youtube channel. This is a Free tool you can use it wisely to create and design beautiful and attractive thumbnails. Never fool your audience by making Clickbait thumbnails.
  2. Your Content should be informative and you’ve to present it in a flow in front of your audience so that they can easily understand what you’re trying to say.
  3. Write an Attractive tittle. It should be all about your Video. Don’t use misleading words in your title that make people fool.
  4. Always say to your viewers to subscribe your channel and press the notification bell in the starting and at the end of the video.
  5. Use Tubebuddy plugin to figure out the stats of your channel. It will help you to know the strategies of your competitors.
  6. Try to be regular on youtube. Consistency is the main thing you need to follow everywhere. If you’re uploading your videos once in a week or once in a month there’s now issue But be on your words. Don’t miss it for a week or for a month.
  7. Have patience, If you’re coming on Youtube you should have patience just work, work and work hard. You’ll get results in 6-8 Months if you’re consistent.

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Channel Stats:

These are the stats as on 27th September If you’re reading after some days of updating this post you can check the current stats here.

  • Name – Tech Brand (Homepage)
  • Subscribers – 1,86,200+
  • Total Views – 12,385,773
  • Copyright Strike – N/A
  • Community Guidelines Strike – N/A
  • Channel Age – About 2 Years
  • Monetization – Enabled